Model 354 Gispen office chair


Model 354 office chair by WH Gispen

name: model 354 office chair
designer: WH Gispen
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1937

this model was in production thru 1966

swivel desk chair, back pivots

standard Gispen four-leg column base, height adjustable

bakelite armrests

nickel chrome tube frame

new blue upholstery

“Swivel and height-adjustable office chair with povoting back and black Gisolit (bakelite) armrests. The back pivots on the horizontal tube and the seat can be adjusted in height by means of a rotating ring on the frame. The legs were caped with rubber caps or with long rubber socks that were screwed around the legs. From 1937 the chair could also be supplied with castors.

Within the pre-war range, this chair occupies a special place because of its elegant frame – with only one backrest style, curved armrests and the composite leg. The chair was introduced in 1935 as STALACHROME office chair 3051 but was added to the Gispen range in 1937. In the STALACHROME range, the chair was only supplied with olive green sprayed tubes and an plain wooden seat and back. From 1937 the chair was also available upholstered in various fabrics or artificial leather.” -tekst: Stichting Gispen Collectie (translation NLD)

dimensions: 47 D x 59 W x 74 to 85 H cm
seat height: 45 to 52 cm

vintage retro 1930s thirties

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