Chrome Replacement Foot DSC 106 Castelli Chair


Chrome Replacement Foot DSC 106 Castelli Chair

name: soft pad / glider / foot
designer: Giancarlo Piretti
manufacturer: Castelli, Italy
design year: 1965
year of manufacture: recent

these are new feet made according to the original specifications/design

comes with Support Shaft / Bushing

chrome are the soft pads for on hard floors (wood tile stone);
black is the glider for on carpet

swivel / tilt foot / feet / base

this modular stacking chair is a very well known Italian design classic

dimensions foot: 2,5 D x 2,5 W x 4,5 H cm
dimensions plug: 1,7 D x 1,7 W x 3 H cm

60s 1960s sixties design vintage retro spare chair parts

price is per foot (you need 4 per chair)

20 in stock

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