Pelko 21 office chair Gispen


Pelko 21 office chair by Gispen

name: Pelko 21 office chair
designer: WH Gispen
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
year of manufacture: 1941-1945

stain on the seat!
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“This rotatable typists chair from the steel-poor Pelko series was introduced in 1941. The chair is the result of the ban on the production of steel furniture during World War II. Pelko no. 21 is an adaptation of typist chair no. 353 (from 1933); the steel column base is replaced by a wooden base. Only the back of the Pelko no. 21 is of steel. The price of the Pelko no. 21 was higher than that of standard products. The wood was expensive and Gispen’s factory was not equipped for the manufacture of wooden furniture.”  –text: Stichting Gispen Collectie, translation NLD

with back

swivel base

dimensions: 43 D x 39 W x 82 H cm
seat height: 45 cm

40s 1940s forties industrial vintage retro

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