ELKA Concorde 902 electric piano


ELKA Concorde 902 electric piano with travel case / flightcase

sometimes named X-902

seventies Italiaan vintage combo organ or synthesizer

keyboard with many features and on the left-hand accordion buttons

deluxe music instrument, retro analog Synth from the 1970s

we also have the travel bag for the legs but at the moment of photography we couldn’t locate it, as with the power cord

we were promised that it absolutely works but we won’t know for sure until YOU come and test it

for the musician on the go!

On the internet I read that it has: diatonic keyboard, elka string, a chorus, a VCF, glide, portamento and more; but apparently you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

for the function of the different buttons and switches see:

Combo Organ Heaven website

sales brochure

dimensions travel case: 64 D x 116 W x 33 H cm
dimensions set-up: 64 D x 120 W x 103 H cm


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