Socialist Workers Art on Glass, 6 x 2,5 meters


Painted sheet glass wall

A rare and historically exceptional ten panel Romanian Industrial painting on glass by unknown illustrators and workers. Inspirational hand painted glass (panel) wall from a glass factory specializing in faceted cut vases in Romania. In the Socialist Humanist style from the fifties. Impressive entrance hall, reception hall or boardroom!

The sheet glass wall is 6 meters wide by 2 1/2 meters tall; the glass is 6 mm thick.

Individual image panels are 1 meter wide by 2 meters tall

Individual text panels are 150 cm wide by 50 cm tall

Disciplina (Discipline)
Eficienta (Efficiency)
Calitate (Quality)
Ordine  (Order)

centering the glass
glass blowing / glass blower
woman with grinding wheel
facet grinding/polishing woman
facet grinding/polishing man
making laboratory glass

This is unique, you will never find another!

The price for the complete set of 10 panels is € 15000,-.
If you are  seriously interested, please contact us; also for high resolution photos.

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