Castelli Piretti Axis 3000 bench 2-seater


Castelli Piretti Axis 3000 bench 2-seater with table

name: Axis 3000 bench
designer: Giancarlo Piretti
manufacturer: Anonima Castelli, Italy
design year: 1970s

The DSC 106 chair from 1965 was redesigned begin seventies and became a modular system with seats and small tables on a steel beam. Frequently used in waiting-rooms; doctor, dentist and airport.

birch / beech veneer, cast aluminum frame parts on a steel beam

also available small formica tables

in good vintage condition

We have more of these and would love to make one for you exactly as you wish!

dimensions: 53 D x 177 W x 74 H cm
seat height: 44 cm
table: 50 x 51 cm

the seats are 48 cm wide

midcentury modern vintage retro


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