Zigzag-chair Gerrit Rietveld reproduction


Zigzag-chair Gerrit Rietveld reproduction

name: zigzag-chair
designer: Gerrit Rietveld
manufacturer: unknown
design year: 1932

This is more a sculpture pretending to be a chair than an object to sit comfortably on.

The great man publicized his drawings and plans in magazines and books and every handymen in the Netherlands has set to. This chair dates from the 1980s, and is made very refined and professionally in cherry wood. Maker unknown. There are original chairs in the Centraal Museum Utrecht AND the Schröder house. This chair has nothing to do with the good man except that it is made exactly according to his instructions. Reproduction, fake, imitation, your choice, it remains beautiful.

dimensions:46 D x 37 W x 73 H cm
seat height: 42 cm

Zig-zag De Stijl thirties 1930s vintage retro architectural minimalistic

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