Work place lamp LBL typ 03097 VERA 


Work place lamp LBL typ 03097 VERA

name: VERA Work place lamp typ 03097
manufacturer: LBL (Lichte Bouw Leipzig), Germany
design year: 1950s

industrial work lamp in bauhaus style (1920s-30s)

bakelite shade / cap

ball joint base

These were designed to be mounted / screwed onto your work surface or the wall above; as people now want more flexibility we have attached weights (from: De Schelde Goes) to the base; now it sits stable anywhere!

nice patina

E27 fitting, fitting and wiring have been checked / replaced

dimensions: 30 D x 55 W x 72 H cm
dimensions cap: 17 D x 17 W x 18 H cm

1950s fifties vintage retro

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