Waterfront bollard lamp Hasløv Louis Poulson


Waterfront bollard lamp/light by Dan Borgen Hasløv for Louis Poulson

name: Waterfront bollard lamp/light
designer: Dan Borgen Hasløv
manufacturer: Louis Poulson, Denmark
design year: 1983

IP 44 means splash proof

porcelain E27 fitting and new wiring

grey powder-coated aluminum

gives non glaring wide light directed downwards

outdoor / garden lighting, also for driveway and roadside (we also like it indoors!)

seems inspired by brutalist architecture

fixture head looks like a WWII bunker

“Waterfront was designed by Dan B. Hasløv in 1983 for Kaløvig harbour in Denmark. As a yachtsman, Dan B. Hasløv had often noted that there was far too little light along harbor fronts. He therefore developed a fixture head which could be mounted on top of the wooden poles commonly found in harbor environments. The fixture emits glare-free light directed downwards, making it easy for sailors to navigate. The fixture is also made from sturdy materials which can handle the harsh environment. Waterfront was later modified into a bollard.” -text: louispoulson

dimensions: 26 D x 26 W x 146 H cm
height above ground: 91 cm
head height: 27 cm
tube diameter: 22 cm

vintage retro industrial eighties 1980s

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