VIP standing coat rack white Velca Legnano


VIP standing coat rack in white by L/O Design (Roberto Lucci and Paolo Orlandini) for Velca Legnano 

name: VIP standing coat rack
designer: L/O Design = Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini
manufacturer: Velca Legnano, Milan Italy
design year: 1970s

When you see such an object you immediately think weren’t the 70 s wonderful? How do you come up with this, a coat stand you can dissemble and ship in a small box? If only we could go back in time…

the company Ugine-Kuhlmann (UgiKral) made these for Velca

freestanding and stable

dismantleable, you can make a child’s coat stand

white/cream plastic with chrome tubes

fantastic plastic

space age

dimensions: 45 D x 45 W x 163 H cm
base dia: 41 cm
top dia: 45 cm
chrome tubes: each 39 cm high

seventies vintage retro


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