Vintage Klepper Kayak Folding Frame


Vintage Klepper Kayak Folding Frame

This is a very rare early Klepper Folding Kayak, the use of bakelite fittings/brackets dates this frame to around the 1930s/thirties.

“A folding kayak is a direct descendant of the original Inuit kayak made of animal skins stretched over frames made from wood and bones….  The folding kayak was made commercially successful by Johannes Klepper, whose factory was at Rosenheim, Germany. Klepper kayaks were very popular for their compact size and ease of transport. Klepper’s Faltboot was introduced in 1906, many years before hardshell boats were commercially produced. Oskar Speck undertook his seven-year journey from Germany to Australia in the 1930s using folding kayaks…”-text: Wikipedia

this was used as a decor piece in a high-end high-street retail shop, where it helped create a rugged manly atmosphere

referred to as the ‘Skin on Frame-Kayak’; ours is missing it’s skin

fuselage boat, lightweight, Faltboot
sport, gym, exercise, row, paddle, water
wall display, decor piece, decorative item, prop, film, TV, rental
curio, retro, brocante

Namefolding kayak

DesignerJohannes Klepper





Attribution_Marksengraved logo

Styleindustrial; design; utilitarian

Conditionvery good

Materialswood, plywood

Colorbrown, camel, caramel





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