Revolt Chair Blue Friso Kramer Ahrend original


Revolt chair by Friso Kramer for Ahrend, original

name: Revolt chair
designer: Friso Kramer
manufacturer: Ahrend, the Netherlands
design year: 1953

a timeless classic

sleek timeless design

completely ORIGINAL!, rare, vintage

beautiful patina

black frame of folded metal

seat and bank in cheerful blue ciranol (coloured pagholz)

“Many aspects of the Revolt were regarded as extremely innovative when it was introduced back in 1953 and it has won a permanent place for itself both in the business world and in Dutch living rooms. The Revolt chair is at home in every environment. After being discontinued for a number of years, Ahrend reintroduced the Revolt in 2004 . And once again, Ahrend has proved that a product that still has something to offer just gets better as the years go by. Revolt is available in black, white and in dust grey. Unique design with frame of folded/bent sheet steel.”


dimensions: 52 D x 45 W x 81 H cm
seat height: 46 cm

1950s fifties retro industrial Dutch design

Also available: these have been newly rediscovered and reinterpreted for modern times from modern materials, and can be ordered in white, grey or black

see also: whitegrey, black and wood (with original frames)

price is per chair


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