Regal shelving uint Steel-Line System 180, 4w x 7h


Regal shelving uint, Steel-Line by System 180, 4 compartments wide by 7 high

name: Regal shelving unit in Steel-Line
designer: Dirk Uptmoor, Jürg Steiner
manufacturer: System 180, Berlin, Germany
design year: 2009
design year System 180: 1980

The frame of the Regal shelving unit is made of  mat chromed steel, hence the name Steel-Line, the shelves are made of white MDF.

With the expressive frame of stainless steel tube and the characteristic tube connections, the series carries the structural DNA of the brand System 180.

dimensions: 63 D x 147 W x 261 H cm
compartment opening: 33.5 x 33.5 cm

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