Porcelain Latex Glove Mold XS Thalidomide


Original Porcelain Latex Glove Mold XS

These gorgeous objects drew attention from the moment they were brought into the shop. They are molds for the making of latex gloves. Made from the best ceramics known to man at the time, they were immersed in vats of bubbling liquid latex. Some are already 45 years old, made by the best porcelain manufacturers worldwide; among which are Rosenthal, Villeroy & Bosch, AGH and General Porcelain in Trenton NJ, USA. Placed between the furniture and knick-knacks here in the store they stand out. These are ultra-modern post-industrial sculptures!

the price is  per set. There are many different models, not all of them have been photographed; you have the best choice here in the shop.

Seperate hand , price and dimensions:

XL large cream: 22 D x 24 W x 94 H cm   € 150,-

L large flat: 22 D x 24 W x 95 H cm          € 150,-

M middle sturdy: 13 D x 13 W x 45 H cm  € 125,-

M middle petit: 12 D x 13 W x 45 H cm      € 125,-

S small white: 13 D x 13 W x 40 H cm          € 95,-

S small yellow textured: 13 D x 13 W x 40 H cm  € 95,-

XS 4fingers        : 12 D x 13 W x 33 H cm     € 95,-

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