Pilastro Combinare wall system desk cabinet


Pilastro Combinare 1001 wall system three wide with desk and cabinets

name: Combinare 1001 wall system
designer: Tjerk Reijenga
manufacturer: Pilastro, the Netherlands
design year: 1955

shallow desk with drawer and red top
dropfront desk with built-in light and shelf
dropfront cabinet with shelf
cabinet with 2 drawers
2 bookshelves

powder coated steel in white, gray, black and red

“Handy wall racks with 1001 options (which literally fit into any room)” -text from period folder
Pilastro Combinare 1001 was sold from 1955 to early 1970s in De Bijenkorf (top-end department store), the Goed Wonen shops, and in their own showroom on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

can be arranged according to your own taste
modular, variable installation
anywhere, in many different configurations

in good vintage condition with patina

ships flat

vintage, retro, dutch design, fifties
cupboard, Holland, door, bookshelf, wall unit

dimensions overall: 37 D x 215 W x 176 H cm


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