Move Slow Special carpet Frankly Amsterdam Christiane Müller


Move Slow Special carpet from Frankly Amsterdam by Christiane Müller.

Move Slow is hand tufted in 16 mm high thin Eucalyptus yarn. This material has so many incredible qualities and advantages! It is strong, soft, shiny, sustainable and long-lasting. Eucalyptus yarn has great moisture-management. It absorbs the moisture completely and releases it to the outside, which makes the fibre naturally anti-bacterial. The yarn is appreciated for its smooth surface, softness and long-lasting shine. When used, the yarn has a subtle cloud-like effect on the rug.“ “Absorbent: natural and effective moisture management, simultaneously preventing electrostatic charging; Naturally anti-bacterial: resistant to bacteria and therefor suitable for people with allergies.  -text: Frankly Amsterdam

100% European Eucalyptus yarn, handtufted;

large: 275 x 350 cm, beige/tan with gold accents in a random flagstone pattern;

The hand tufted rug is made with a specific technique called cut/loop. Alternating between getting cut or being looped through the backing, the tan-beige fibres are cut, so taller, and the gold are looped, so shorter and semi-hidden below the surface.

16 mm pile height; color 24 / 18; 6000 gr/m2 weight;

Custom made special order one-off i.e. unique, which originally cost over €9000,- to have made. This one has a spill (see photo labeled “S”) so we are offering it at 1/3 the original price. ID number: Frep-379;

modern, contemporary, design, rug, floor covering, 2020s

NameMove Slow Special

DesignerChristiane Müller

ProducerFrankly Amsterdam




Attribution_Marksimprinted; label

Stylecontemporary; modern

Conditionalmost new


Colorbeige; tan






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