Model 356 Gispen office chair


Model 356 office chair by WH Gispen

name: model 356 office chair
designer: WH Gispen
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1937

completely original!

this model was in production thru 1966

swivel desk chair

standard Gispen four-leg column base, height adjustable

original black faux leather upholstery

pointy bakelite armrests

nickel chrome tube frame

“Desk armchair no. 356 is the office/desk chair version of armchair no. 413. The office chair swivels and is adjustable in height” -text: Stichting Gispen Collectie (translation NLD)

dimensions: 62 D x 48/59 W x 86 to 93 H cm
seat height: 48 to 55 cm

vintage retro 1930s thirties


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