Model 353 Gispen typist stool


Model 353 Gispen typist stool

name: model 353 typewriter chair
designer: W H Gispen
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1933

“Pivoting and height adjustable office chair and typewriter chair. The chassis consists of a standard four-leg column base. The slightly curved, rectangular backrest can be adjusted in height along a steel back frame. The back frame ends in a handle. The chair could be ordered with wooden back and seat as well as upholstered. There was also a variant with wheels available. The typewriter chair was quite popular and was sold until the end of the fifties.” (Stichting Gispen Collectie)

seat has been replaced

dimensions: 53 D x 35 W x 83 H cm
seat height: 50 cm

office chair typewriter typist vintage retro 1930s thirties

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