Kunst Berini


Kunst Berini

This is a work of art! It looks like an old outboard motor, indeed, but it has transcended his life as a working object and is now art. If you want to make an impression hang this above the couch, or in your trendy cafe / bar / restaurant. Officially it is a Berini M13 Egg bicycle auxiliary engine, built in 1950s in the Netherlands.
You mounted this on the front wheel of you bicycle to make a moped, ideal in the austere fifties.

It has been cleaned and mounted on a vintage stand; the original patina is intact.

the design of old technology continues to fascinate
industrial historical item
retro 1 cylinder motor

the Berini used off the shelf parts from: H&G and Wico-Pacy Bantamag England; but was made in the Netherlands

dimensions: 25 D x 22 W x 78 H cm
foot: 33 D x 37 W cm

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