Kōura xl teardrop pendant lamp David Trubridge black


Kōura xl teardrop pendant lamp by David Trubridge in black

“The droplet-like form of Kōura mimics the curled form of our native freshwater shrimp kōura, named by the indigenous Māori people. David was also inspired by the intricately made traps used by early Māori to catch kōura. Kōura is predominantly used as a feature sculptural lighting piece, to attract attention to a certain location. Often it hangs over a bar, in an entry space, stairwell or even hall. It has a strong presence of calm purity and beauty that can be amplified by the choice of finish.” -text: David Trubridge

ingenious decorative shade of laser cut lattice weave, made from sustainable bamboo wood

pear shaped hanging light, luminaire, gives beautiful shadows

black inside and outside

inspired by the woven fishing nets/baskets that the Maori use to catch shrimp or fresh water crayfish

David has his own production company: David Trubridge Design Inc., located in New Zealand

E27 Edison screw fitting
fitting and wiring have been checked
max 60 watt

in almost new condition, just a bit dusty

these originally came flat-packed, what they call “seed system” or kitset, all pieces neatly stacked in a small box

in this size (1 meter tall) and this color combination the new price is €1690,-


DesignerDavid Trubridge

ProducerDavid Trubridge Design Inc



OriginNew Zealand

Stylecontemporary; modern

Conditionalmost new







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