Industrial Art laboratory glass experiment thing


Industrial Art, laboratory glass experiment thing

We LOVE school chemistry labs! There’s nifty cabinets, awkward stools, fancy glass work, sciency stuff and then this. Where else do you find things like this? Can you imagine how many students have had near heart-attacks trying to get the experiment right? And it’s been cleaned to with-in an inch of it’s life because the parents mustn’t worry about what junior has been exposed to.  

We were going to install lights inside but could’t work out what would be best: icy-cool fluorescents or LEDs that can do party light tricks? Or little tiny sparkly lights? You get to decide, you’re paying! Or just use it as it is, it’s really fantastic!

gigantic test tube in a stainless steel frame/cage/surround

equipment for chemical reaction

school chemistry lab, college, study

etched: QVF 0035 BORO3.3 M702-571369 5060275F001

we have two, both have a similar chip along the top edge, see photo

light or lamp object, film props, rental, decor piece
vintage, retro, brocante, mid-century modern



Styleindustrial; design; utilitarian

Conditiongood, some patina

Materialsstainless steel; glass






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