Il Poltronibile Ammannati Vitelli Comfort easy-chair



Il Poltronibile (armchair) by Ammannati & Vitelli for Comfort, in brown

name: Il Poltronibile = easy chair, from the 175 series
designer: T Ammannati and GP Vitelli
manufacturer: Comfort, Italy, now Longhi
design year: 1973

the Italians were having a great time of it in the seventies!

delicious thick chocolate brown, typical 70s

armchair / easy-chair / lounge-chair

lose armrests

fiberglass base with Italian leather cushions; head/top cushion attaches with zipper

completely original! with patina and light wear consistent with age; of the 5 chairs 2 have repairs to the leather seat and one has more wear, see photos

Space Age & Italian Modern, 1970s

dimensions: 90 D x 86 W x 100 H cm
seat height: 44 cm


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