Globe Wernicke Barrister Bookcase wall mahogany



Globe Wernicke Barrister Bookcase in mahogany.

“Elastic” modular stacking book shelf system designed by Otto Wernicke in 1890 and patented by him in 1892. In production more or less ever since. The company has been taken over many times, and apparently the Indonesian Division is still at work.

Glass-fronted shelves each with flip-up door which has a pantograph system to help keep it parallel and not jamb when sliding in out of the way. On the base units the doors open and then slide back into a pocket so there’e also out of the way.

Stacking cabinet storage wall system of different sized units.

We would prefer not to break the set, but otherwise we will use the following prices:
base cabinet: €400,-
middle file-binder cabinet: €300,-
transition book shelf: €250,-
standard book shelf: €200,-
cap/top piece: €175,-
Total is €7775,- or €1725,- per stack and €875,- for the short stack.

Lenin had these!

Each element has a metal pendant badge and a label on the back: “manufactured by Globe-Wernicke, office & library furniture, branches or agencies everywhere”;

We bought a whole Globe Wernicke Indonesian Division office suite, the conference table, chairs and coat-stand are listed below if still available.

vintage, retro victorian lawyer/jurist style.

base cabinet (5x): 86 W x 46 D x 68 H cm
middle file-binder cabinet (5x): 86 W x 34 D x 40 H cm  (opening 34,5 cm high)
transition book shelf (4x): 86 W x 34 D x 37 H cm  (opening 25,5 cm high)
standard book shelf (12x): 86 W x 29 D x 37 H cm  (opening 25,5 cm high)
cap/top piece (5x): 86 W x 31 D x 8 H cm

NameBarrister Bookcase

DesignerOtto Wernicke

ProducerGlobe Wernicke Indonesian division




Attribution_Marksbadge; labeled


Conditiongood, some wear







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