Gispen Wall Unit 5600 grey cream desk


Gispen Wall Unit 5600 by AR Cordemeyer in grey and cream.

name: Wall Unit 5600
designer: A.R. Cordemeyer & L.J. Holleman
manufacturer: Gispen, Culemborg, the Netherlands
design year: 1959

Wall Unit of light grey enameled rolled steel that can be (re)assembled as desired. The system consists of uprights (single and double) – in three different heights; and shelves, writing surfaces, drawers and cabinets, all of which are adjustable in height in 2.5 cm increments. The uprights can also be stacked on top of each other so that the wall unit can be expanded vertically. The front and back sides can be fitted with drop doors, sliding doors or sliding windows. The drawers and doors were available in a dozen colors, which gave the wall unit a cheerful and modern appearance.” (Dutch text: Stichting Gispen Collectie; English translation: NLD)

This wall / storage unit is two units wide (of the high model) with two (middle high) units stacked on top.

normal/mild wear;

The back is as nice as the front, making this an excellent room divider, see photo.

bookcase, bookshelf, library, wall unit;

also usable as: writing desk / bureau / secretaire / cabinet / bar;

adjustable / levelling feet; it is important to level it out when it’s in it’s final location, otherwise the drop-down doors jamb;

the shelf over the left drop-front desk is dented downwards, see photos, also there should possibly be a shelf underneath the drawers to keep the legs parallel;

cupboard, shelf, sheet steel, book,
vintage, retro, mid-century modern,
50s, 1950s, fifties,

with the drop-front desk down the total depth (out from the wall) is 74 cm;

Name5600 Wall Unit

DesignerAndré Cordemeyer





Stylevintage, retro, mid-century modern, sixties

Conditiongood, mild wear


Colorgrey, beige





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