Gispen President office chair model 357 red leather 2


Gispen President office chair model 357 in red leather

name: Presidents chair model 357
designer: Ch. Hoffmann
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1953

swivel four-leg foot / base with castors

this one doesn’t have the famous patented tilting mechanism

height is adjustable

this is a later model with the straight armrest support

office / desk / conference chair

Dutch design

the nickel frame has been polished, the wheels oiled, and he has been reupholstered in new red leather

“Swivel office chair on sheet steel base with four-legged base on castors. The armchair is adjustable in height … The armchair was introduced as a chair for directors and very senior officials/directors. He was therefore described as the ‘President’ tilting armchair and suited the enormous President’s desk.” “The height of the armchair could be adjusted by means of a turn-ring at the top of the four-legged base.” -text: Stichting Gispen Collectie, vertaling NLD

dimensions: 66 D x 69 W x 96 H cm
seat height: 50 cm
arm height: 74 cm

50s 1950s fifties vintage retro


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