Gispen chair 1268 Cordemeyer tan


Gispen chair # 1268 by A.R Cordemeyer in tan

name: Alto Gi3 model 1268
designer: André Cordemeijer
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1963

walnut armrests

original upholstery in good condition; indestructible Gispen quality
there are variations in the color, hence the multiple listings: beige, tan, light tan

we also have these in blue

“Conference armchair with armrests on semi-mat chromed legs of round steel. The legs are equipped with self-adjusting nylon floor protectors. The backrest and the seat are made of foam rubber cushions. The back cushion is suspended from two wide, black lacquered metal brackets that are welded together at the bottom of the seat. The legs are attached to the frame with bolts and rubber pads. To increase comfort, the upholstery material ran far over the front edge of the seat. The armchair was available in 15 different versions; In addition to a version without upholstered armrests (No. 1262) and a version with walnut or teak armrests (No. 1268), there was a specimen that was 5 cm lower than the standard model. There were also versions available for working behind a desk, equipped with a star base and a height-adjustable seat. The different versions were summarized under the heading ‘series Gi3’. In, among other things, the office furniture catalog from 1986, the chairs are shown under the umbrella name ‘Gispen Alto’. The product numbers are the same.” (text: Stichting Gispen Collectie)

dimensions: 57 D x 63 W x 83 H cm
seat height: 46 cm

Dutch Design vintage retro 1960s sixties 1970s seventies

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