Gispen Bent-Chroom-Tube chair 1236


Gispen Bent Chroom-Tube chair 1236

name: 1236
designer: A. R. Cordemeyer
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1960

A universal four legged chair with armrests. The frame of the chair is chromed and continues around the back to form a handy handgrip. The seat and back are upholstered beech; with plastic armrests.

Dark grey/black woven wool.

We also have these without armrests.

We also have these with new upholstery, see:
dark blue corduroy
dark green corduroy
black corduroy
black velour

original upholstery without armrests
original upholstery with armrests

Re-upholstering possible:

supplementary costs per chair = work + fabric

work = € 90,-

fabric = up from € 40,- (€55,-/m, 0,75m needed)

dimensions: 54 D x 55 W x 79 H cm
seat height: 45 cm

this page is to buy Gispen chair 1236 in original upholstery, for other upholstery use above links


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