Gispen 413-RL


Gispen 413-RL

name: 413-RL
designer: W.H. Gispen
manufacturer: Gebroeders van der Stroom, Asperen, the Netherlands
design year: 1937

Originally the 413 was an arm-chair; the 413-R is version where you sit straight-up. The back comes in two heights: ours is a L for low; there is also an H (high) which is 5 cm higher than our chair.

This is a licensed reproduction by: Dutch Originals, Gebroeders van der Stroom, Asperen, the Netherlands.

Nickel tube-steel; bakelite armrests

dimensions: 65 D x 57 W x 85 H cm
seat height: 48 cm

Dutch Design Classic

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