Gispen 2210/2220 Stratus


Gispen 2210/2220 Stratus

name: 2210/2220 Stratus
designer: A.R. Cordemeyer
manufacturer: Gispen, the Netherlands
design year: 1969

“Four-legged chair with a white polyester surround. This chair’s legs were made of chromed bar steel. Self-adjusting nylon floor caps prevent damage to the floor. The chair was suitable for use at a table or desk. The seat and back cushions were removable and available in low-upholstery (No. 2210) or high-upholstery (No. 2220). In addition to the chromed frame, the chair could also be supplied with a black lacquered and enamelled undercarriage (Gipsen no. 2211 and Gispen no. 2221). Gispen 2210/2220 was one of the chairs from the BS(BZ) (= Better Seating (Beter Zitten)) Norma series. The chairs were released with the most important characteristics being ‘high resistance to aging and shape stability’. The name of the series changed twice; in 1972 the series was referred to as ‘C2’ and in 1979 the chairs with the white polyester surround got the name ‘Stratus’. The number of the chair always remained the same.”  (Dutch text: Stichting Gispen Collectie; English translation: Neef Louis Design)

dimensions: 54 D x 48 W x 77 H cm
seat height: 47 cm

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