Frikk stool high


Frikk stool high

name: Frikk
designer: Erik Wester
manufacturer: Tonning & Stryn, Norway
design year: 2015

Erik lived in Amsterdam from 2006 to 2008 for an internship with Joris Laarman; and simultaneously worked for us  as all-round designer (Neef Louis Design). Now again living in Oslo and designer with Tonning & Stryn. We have kept in touch; recently he came with his mother, born in the Dutch province of Friesland, by sailboat from Oslo with his new design: his Frikk stools! These can now be ordered from us.

“Frikk is a wooden three legged stool with references to the industrial stool of the 1920s. The stool was designed to be light and strong and makes use of its three legged structural form to enhance strong wood joinery and light weight. The seat is slightly curved for sitting comfort and has a centered hole for easily lifting the stool single handed.” (Erik Wester)
Manufactured by Tonning & Stryn. Part of the Norwegian Icons selection.

solid oak

available in three heights and three colors: natural, green and black

dimensions: 51,5 x 51,5 x 75 H cm
seat height: 75 cm
seat diameter: 33,5 cm

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