French tube brushed bare hanging philinea clear


French tube, brushed bare aluminum, hanging, with clear philinea bulbs

In the rough work environment (fragile) fluorescent tubes have to survive and therefore they designed these dust-free, explosion-proof and splash-proof industrial lights. In the factory hall, coal mine and laboratory, even after an explosion or accident, the fluorescent tubes had to remain lit, that increased the survival chances of the employees.

With cast aluminum end caps and a sturdy glass tube, these are practically indestructible, and have a rugged sturdy style that you won’t find anywhere else.

We clean them and convert them for consumer light bulbs and/or fluorescent tubes.

In principle, we only renovate them when there is an order, so we can make your lamp exactly to your liking! (we do have diverse examples in store) Let us know what you want!

hanging can be with chain or cable, which we can supply for a small additional charge

inner works options:
fluorescent tube (original)
new ballast starter fittings etc.
2 x T8 (58 watt) 150 cm
as originally intended, but with normal (consumers) fluorescent
not dimmable

philinea (this one)
clear – we think this is the best option
2 x 60 w met 4 x S14s fitting
also available with white (opal white) philinea

philinea type bulb but with led insides
in white plastic
niet dimable
17w   90 cm  (2x S14s fittings)

photos are of the light with fluorescent bulbs, detail photos with white philinea bulbs will be added soon; for the light effect see: DDR tube grey hanging 2x Philinea clear

made by: LT Legrand A.T.X., France


dimensions: 23 D x 168 W x 18 H cm

we can also supply for other countries, ie. with other fittings and for other electric currents (eg. 110V in the US)


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