Fortebraccio D33 desk light


Fortebraccio D33 desk light by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for LucePlan 

name: Fortebraccio D33 desk light
designer: Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto
manufacturer: LucePlan, Italy
design year: 1998

must be screwed to your desk, but then you know it will never fall over

can also be used as a wall lamp / light

in silver-grey

with built-in dimmer

E27 fitting
fitting and wiring have been checked

multi adjustable, can move almost 360 degrees in all directions

in Italian Fortebraccio means: ’strong arm’

industrial design in the deconstructionism style

dimensions: 16 D x 45 W x 45 H cm
cap: 16 dia x 9 H cm
max: 113 cm; arms: 44 & 35 cm



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