Erich Dieckmann Rattan Armchair


Erich Dieckmann Rattan Armchair 1940s

From 1939 Erich Dieckmann lived in Berlin. Erich Dieckmann was one of the most important furniture designers at the Bauhaus, developing type ranges for seat furniture. Like Marcel Breuer, Erich Dieckmann experimented with steel tubing but is primarily known for his standardized wooden furniture. Dieckmann’s designs for seat furniture are stringently geometric, with frames based on right angles and constructed of almost pieces of wood that were either almost square in cross section or flat; another feature typical of Dieckmann’s work is linking armrests and chair legs in a runner construction.
By using quality hardwoods such as beech, cherry, oak, and ash as well as cane matting,

in very good condition

dimensions: 70 D x 57 W x 80 H cm

seat height: 38 cm

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