Ahrend Move-It table square


Square Ahrend Move-It table by Frans de la Haye

name: Move-It table
designer: Frans de la Haye
manufacturer: Ahrend, the Netherlands
design year: 2013

desk, meeting and work table

white trespa/Ciranol table-top, virtually indestructible

stainless steel tubular frame

lockable swivel castors

Ahrend Move-it combines stability and mobility.

The modern world is in continual flux, everyone is mobile. Move-it cannot escape the trend. Mobile desks, conference and working tables reflect the dynamic nature of the age. This ability to move, to change, is underlined by the construction of the frame and the removable tabletop. I made a conscious choice to keep structures and materials visible.

Stainless-steel tubular frame with aluminium corners. Spacers on which the tabletop floats.”  –text: Ahrend / Frans de la Haye

dimensions: 150 D x 150 W x 75 H cm

industrial design secondhand modern 10s 2010s teens


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